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Beyoncé Becomes First Black Woman To Top Country Music Chart With Her Single “Texas Hold ‘Em”

One year after becoming the artist with the most Grammy wins in history, the Houston-born superstar has notched what once may have seemed an even more unattainable record: becoming the first Black woman to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Her song “Texas Hold ‘Em,” released February 11, debuted at the top of the Hot Country Songs list. What’s more, “16 Carriages,” another single from her upcoming album, landed at No. 9. The songs debuted at No. 2 and No. 38, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. Over the course of her solo career, the singer has topped the Hot 100 eight times. Read More

Award-winning OKLAHOMA BREAKDOWN documentary makes Stillwater Premiere on February 22

Oklahoma musician Mike Hosty is a one-man band freak of nature who also tells jokes. His musical talents are world-class and his improv skills produce original performances on the fly. When former Stillwater resident Stoney LaRue turned Hosty's "Oklahoma Breakdown" into the #1 Texas hit of 2007, few knew who wrote it or what genre it came from. The song was also covered by Oklahoma country star Toby Keith. Continue reading Award-winning OKLAHOMA BREAKDOWN documentary makes Stillwater Premiere on February 22→ Read More

Lost Dog Street Band Announce New Music

Lost Dog Street Band Rise From The Ashes With The Announcement Of Survived, A Brand New Ten Song LP Coming Out On April 26th. “I’m not sure if there is any other song I’ve written that gives quite the emotions this one does,” says Benjamin Tod, songwriter and frontman of Lost Dog Street Band. “It’s hard to explain but it’s somewhere between fulfilling a last will and relief from a long hard struggle.” Whether intentional or not, it makes perfect sense, as this tune—a brand new single called “Brighter Shade”—is the first new music to be released from Lost Dog Street Band after Tod and his wife, Lost Dog fiddle player Ashley Mae, decided to retire the project altogether a few years ago. Thankfully for the band who’ve been touring and recording music together since 2011, “Brighter Shade” is only the start of this new chapter with a brand new album, Survived, due in April.  “I thought I was done with Lost Dog, but after recording my solo album, I looked over all the songs that I had ready for a new record,” remembers Tod.  “These were songs for my band. I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t done with Lost Dog.” That energy is infectious throughout the album, beginning with the opener “Brighter Shade.” Guitar melodies interlock with Ashley Mae’s fiddle line, providing plenty of room for a staggering mandolin part and shuffling drums. “Each day I love you more,” Tod croons, singing to his wife. “I could leave but some part of me would stay,” he adds, before concluding, “And only I can love you like I do, and you dare to trade it all for a brighter shade of blue.” Fans can stream or purchase “Brighter Shade” today at this link. “Brighter Shade” is the… Read More

Kacey Musgraves New Album, Deeper Well, Out March 15, 2024

Seven-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves returns with her fifth studio album Deeper Well, Out March 15th via Interscope/MCA Nashville Continue reading Kacey Musgraves New Album, Deeper Well, Out March 15, 2024→ Read More

Willi’s Carlisle’s “CRITTERLAND” is Released Today!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY— CRITTERLAND is out today. It would mean the world to me if you’d give it a listen, pass it around to your pals, and help us in all the DIY ways we ask our community to do! Come see us on tour, too! Proper newsletter in a couple weeks, even better than the last. Come say hi, let me know whatcha think!  If you give it an old-school listen, you’ll find it’s a record wrestling with ancestry and inheritance, with years repression and fear, and finding light at the end of the tunnel. Someone called it “rural gothic,” and I like that. There’s already some amazing reviews— a Rolling Stone write up, good stuff like that. 4.5 stars on SLANT, 8/10 on PopMatters, you know, signs of a good record that isn’t for everyone, which I don’t want to be.  I play folk music because it feels like my last option, something that feels totally free to me, a dam against the tides of same-sameyness and virtuosity and bombastic, 15-second jingles. Folk music is how I take life, problems, and history into my own hands, and how I invite people I care for to do the same. It’s a huge paradox to make into a small business, but I’m a back-porch stomper more than a jumbo-tronner. So, this is intended to be a tomato plant, not an aesthetic. A sourdough starter, not a starbucks cup. I want CRITTERLAND to be the first board in a cabin, the first notes of a lifetime of singing together. Not a “lifestyle” or just a “job.” I want to make mantras for the kind of life I can stand to live, and it’s weird and intense and joyful.  The rich and the politicians they’ve bought believe they are the architects of society, but… Read More

“Mr. Childers, Can I Adopt This Song?” – Hailey Whitters Covers Tyler Childers’ “Feathered Indians”

I'd say there are a lot of people in the country music world that wish they had wrote "Feathered Indians." Unfortunately for other country artists (but fortunately for country music fans), the song was written by and belongs to the incomparable Tyler Childers. There aren't many people that can bring the song to life like he can, though Hailey Whitters wasn't half bad when she took a swing at it. Covering another artist's song can be intimidating, but if it's done the right way, it can be a very flattering showcase of respect. Obviously, Luke Combs has handled his cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" with tremendous grace, and a more recent cover of the late great Tom Petty's "American Girl" by Dierks Bentley reimagined the song, but still managed to honor the original. In this case, there's not an official recorded cover from Whitters just yet. The talented country artist posted a clip of her version of Childers' "Feathered Indians" on her Instagram, with Whitters playing guitar along with backing instruments from some of her band members. Whitters and her bandmates were certainly having fun with the cover, and as I mentioned earlier, she sounded very comfortable singing it. The only way she could have been more comfortable with it was if "Feathered Indians" was her own song, and based on the caption she left along with the post, she's working on it: "Mr. Childers, can I adopt this song please?" If Childers doesn't let Whitters "adopt" the song, maybe a duet could at least be worked out? I'd definitely like to hear the polished vocals from Whitters paired up with Childers more coarse, rugged voice that pairs so well with his songwriting. And while we're talking about him, you might as well press play on the original… Read More

Muscadine Bloodline Announce Two New Singles “Earle Byrd From Mexia” & “Mary Riley”

New music from the Alabama boys. Muscadine Bloodline started off 2024 HOT with music releases. After their release of the A Day To Remember cover track with Drayton Farley, “Have Faith in Me," they are sharing news of more new music. In an earlier social media post, they noted that "Have Faith in Me" would be the last single release before they started rolling out their new album, and today, the boys shared that their first two singles from that project will be hitting our ears in the near future. "2 different people, 2 different stories, 2 new songs. “Earle Byrd From Mexia” & “Mary Riley” coming 3/22." Given their Instagram caption, the teaser makes it feel like this project will contain a plotline full of crazy characters. Hopefully, some lovers are doing sinful acts, maybe leading to some illegal activity? I'm here for it. Regardless, I am stoked that we are three weeks away from new Musucadine Bloodline. In the meantime, turn up “Have Faith In Me." Read More

Nashville Construction Workers Take A Break To Brawl It Out

Work can get monotonous sometimes, and a good way to shake things up is to have a good, old fashioned "wrassling" match. That's what these constructions workers in Nashville decided to do, while they're two work friends stood aside to act as referees. In reality, the two other guys were really just holding the wrestling guys' helmets as they took care of whatever it was they were taking care of. In my opinion, this type of behavior should be normalized in the workplace (as long as its compliant to HR, of course). Letting co-workers settle things with a good tussle should be happening in work settings all across the world. You know where it already does exist? Hockey. The NHL is famous for letting competitors drop their gloves and throw a couple of punches and knock a few teeth out from time to time, and everything always works out in the end. Obviously, you wouldn't want it to go that far in the regular workplace. But I'd like to see some studies behind getting out some aggression out at work and the benefits it could have on a company's bottom line. The only grey area with this kind of stuff is worker's compensation claims. There would have to be some sort of contract signed before hand that simultaneously allowed for "at-work-wrassling" and prohibited employees from claiming worker's comp if they were injured during it. These construction workers weren't too worried about all of that though. They just decided to go for it, and shortly after the video concluded, the two guys were handed back their hard hats (could have used those in the battle) and proceeded to high five one another. Considering that the vibes seemed to be high afterwards, and their co-workers didn't look all that concerned while the… Read More

Morgan Wade To Release “2AM In London” This Friday

Morgan Wade has another heater coming our way very soon. She just announced a new song called "2AM in London" will be out everywhere this Friday, and she even shared a little teaser of it on Instagram. As far as I know, Morgan has only played it once or maybe a few times (at most) live, notably at Fire on the Mountain Fundraiser in her hometown of Floyd, Virginia at Floyd Country Store last December in what was a gorgeous acoustic rendition. It immediately caught my attention from the first listen, and is right in her wheelhouse in terms of subject matter that finds her missing someone special who’s back home in the states, laying awake in the middle of the night because of jet lag, wishing she could just go home and be with them. Morgan most recently put out her amazing sophomore album Psychopath in 2023, and it was easily one of my favorite albums from last year, and this new single stands to be no different. With such beautifully authentic, honest songwriting and an ability to convey those feelings so meaningfully with her twangy, gritty voice, Morgan simply doesn't miss and whether she's leaning into her rock sensibilities or keeping it decidedly more country on a song like this, I always seem to love it. Friday can't come soon enough... "'2AM in London.' Pre-save now (link in story and bio). Coming Friday." You can listen to the studio teaser in her Instagram video below: And I cannot recommend highly enough checking out the full acoustic performance. It's stunning:   Read More

12 Years Ago Today, The Sports World Was Forever Changed By Pete Weber’s Iconic Quote

Sports has a way of creating special, iconic moments. Whether it’s a buzzer beater, a late inning home run, or a hail mary touchdown to win the game, history can change forever in just a matter of seconds. And when you think of the most memorable moments in sports, what comes to mind first? You’d probably think about Michael Jordan’s jumper to win in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, or Tiger Woods’ chip in during the 2005 Masters. But only the most cultured sports fans will tell you that the name Pete Weber, a professional bowler, deserves a seat at the table. 12 years ago today, Weber not only bowled a strike when he needed to, he also introduced the world to a saying that undoubtedly matched the moment. This video won't only go down in sports history for its importance to culture and society at large. It'll also go down in meme history, as the clip has gone on to be used as and/or referenced in endless memes. Regardless of it belongs to the sports world or meme culture, Pete Weber is forever immortalized for his legendary quote following his strike, most notably the very last line: "Yes! That is right, I did it. Are you kidding me? That's right. Who do you think you are? I AM!" Literal chills...and it doesn't even matter that I've seen that video probably 100 times. Everyone on social media is celebrating and reliving the moment from 12 years ago, and call it emotional bias or recency bias, but everyone online is on the same page about the magical moment Pete Weber bowled into our lives: One of the most legendary clips in Sports History — Ben (@HowUBenFeller) February 26, 2024 The cut to the lady crying is chef’s kiss.… Read More

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