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Miranda Lambert returns with same fury as ‘Gunpower & Lead’ on new single ‘Wranglers’

Miranda Lambert's latest single, "Wranglers," arrives on May 3, 2024. It's her first new music since signing with Republic Records six months ago. Continue reading Miranda Lambert returns with same fury as ‘Gunpower & Lead’ on new single ‘Wranglers’→ Read More

New Music From Johnny Cash: ‘Songwriter’ out June 28th

In early 1993, the legendary Johnny Cash found himself between contracts in his then nearly 40-year career and recorded an album’s worth of songwriting demos at LSI Studios in Nashville of songs he’d written over many years. Continue reading New Music From Johnny Cash: ‘Songwriter’ out June 28th→ Read More

Craig Campbell’s Class of ’89 Album Available Now

Country hitmaker Craig Campbell had a dream come true today with the release of his Class of ’89 album. Six songs that represent the core influences who helped mold his desire to pursue a career as an artist and songwriter is available now on Grindstone Recordings. Save/Add the album HERE. “I have been dreaming of recording this album for as long as I can remember,” said Craig. “These songs are some of the reasons I fell in love with country music in the first place. Every song on this album has a story, and each one of those stories shaped me into the country singer I am today. There will never be anyone that can do these songs as good as the originals, but at the very least I hope I made them proud.” Clint Black’s “Killin’ Time” kicks off the collection, and Craig got to spend time in the studio with his hero to discuss the song and Clint’s influence on his career and songwriting. View the special time HERE and HERE.  “’On The Other Hand’ was the first song my wife ever heard me sing. She didn’t even really know me at the time but she says that’s the moment I landed on her radar!” Craig recently visited with Randy at the Grand Ole Opry before performing the song on the hallowed stage. View HERE and HERE. “’Too Cold At Home’ is a song we played every show. That song became a staple for us, and the fans got to where they expected us to play it.” “’Bluest Eyes In Texas’ is another song that the band loved to play. If there was a song that we looked forward to playing every night, it was this one. It allowed us all to shine in our own musical way but also as a great country band.” “’Be My Baby… Read More

Clay Walker And The Clay Walker Foundation Raise $2.6m For Multiple Sclerosis Research

Clay Walker And The Clay Walker Foundation Raise $2.6m Continue reading Clay Walker And The Clay Walker Foundation Raise $2.6m For Multiple Sclerosis Research→ Read More

Ernest Finds Success With ‘Nashville, Tennessee’

Big Loud's esteemed visionary ERNEST is set to make his late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (4/23) this week as well as visit Access Daily (4/22) in promotion of his sophomore album, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, released April 12.  Continue reading Ernest Finds Success With ‘Nashville, Tennessee’→ Read More

The Oklahoma Sooners Honored Toby Keith At Their Spring Game With His Name Painted On The Field

A well-deserved tribute to one of their biggest fans... The Oklahoma Sooners lost one of their most hardcore supporters when country legend Toby Keith passed away on February 5th. Though Toby never went to college, instead going to work in the oil fields after graduating high school, he was a lifelong supporter of his home state team Oklahoma, and was often seen at Sooner football games in the fall. After Toby passed away, the University of Oklahoma released a statement honoring the life of one of their biggest fans:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by The University of Oklahoma (@uofoklahoma) And at the Sooners' next basketball game, the team left Toby's seat empty, marked with a guitar and a red Solo cup.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Oklahoma Men's Basketball (@ou_mbball) Well with the Sooners football team taking the field this past weekend, it was their turn to honor the Oklahoma legend. For the team's annual spring game, Oklahoma painted Toby's name and image on the field in a touching tribute to the '90s country superstar:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Oklahoma Football (@ou_football) Of course this will be Oklahoma's first season in the SEC after leaving the Big 12, along with their rival Texas. And recently during a tribute at the CMT Awards, Toby's good friend and former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens told a story about just how seriously Toby took the Sooners' rivalry with the Longhorns. Clemens, whose sons played baseball at Texas, said he once made a bet with them during a rivalry game: “Toby told my boys, ‘If you hit a home run off our Oklahoma pitcher today, I’ll sit on your dugout and I’ll sing ‘The Eyes of… Read More

Girls Are Throwing Their Panties On Stage For Riley Green Now Too And This Is Getting Out Of Hand…

I get it, girls, I really do... but this is getting out of hand. And in no way, shape, or form am I surprised by this, but as Riley Green continues to play shows across the country for his headlining Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, he continues to pile up some special gifts from the ladies. Not long ago, we shared a story about a particular concert in Evansville, Indiana, where there was an incredible amount of bras thrown on stage at him. I mean, just look at this TikTok video Riley's guitar player shared from the night: @iamdeforest Small fortune on that headstock! • • • #tour #countrymusic #live #rileygreen #touringmusician #arena #roadlife #fyp ♬ original sound - DeForest And that's how it's looked at plenty of other shoes so far too (just take a quick scroll through his recent Instagram posts), and honestly, the bra stuff is pretty funny and harmless. Well, not for the ol' bank account, because I honestly don't know how some of y'all afford to throw a nice bra up there, but I digress... Actually, I still laugh when I think about the girl who threw her pasties on stage during that Indiana show. That is truly so funny to me, and a much more cost effective way to do it too. But what we really need to talk about today, ladies, is the most recent offense Riley shared on his Instagram stories earlier. Apparently, some of the girlies are taking it a step further by throwing their panties on stage now and I think we might be taking things just a tad bit too far... I mean, this isn't the The Rolling Stones 1969 American Tour. I don't think those panties are going anywhere but straight to the trash (but I could be wrong,… Read More

Throwback To Eric Church & Chris Stapleton Rocking Willie Nelson’s 4th Of July Picnic With Cover Of “The Weight” In 2015

The cover song you didn't know you needed. When you think of timeless music, one of the songs at the top of the list is "The Weight," which was originally released and performed by the Canadian rock band, The Band. The group was considered "country rock" back in the 1960s, and this song (which is arguably their most popular) was a fusion of southern folk, country, and gospel. It's had an outstanding shelf life in its own right, and that's been helped by the numerous covers of the song that have been released over the years. Artists from across all genres can count on a crowd knowing "The Weight," so it's also often performed at festivals and other venues where music fans might be looking for a familiar tune to sing along to. One of the places that happened was Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic back in 2015. It was there where Eric Church and Chris Stapleton teamed up on stage, and with a little help from Morgane Stapleton and Joanna Cotten, they blew the metaphorical roof off of the place with their collective cover of The Band's classic 1968 hit song. In this fan video, Eric Church got things started singing the song's iconic first verse. Then slowly but surely, the other artists made their way out onto the stage to join the Chief. The combination of Church and Stapleton's vocals are a match made in heaven, and it's all tied together with the excerpts of the song performed by Morgane Stapleton and Joanna Cotten. Church has historically loved to play "The Weight," and has even done so at Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium. However, it seemed like he and Stapleton really brought it with this performance, which is somehow almost a decade old. We're as close to this… Read More

“I Wrote Songs” – Eric Church On How He Got Through The Darkest Moments Of His Life Following Route 91 & The Death Of His Brother

When Eric Church started facing incredible hardships, he turned to the one thing that he knew he could do to give himself comfort. Starting in the summer of 2017, country music's rebel artist faced a flurry of unfortunate life events, starting first with his own health scare in June. Church found out that he had a potentially deadly blood clot in his chest, and like anyone would be, he was frightened by it. Especially because it could have become fatal at any moment, and they fortunately learned of it at just the right time. Though he underwent emergency surgery and came through okay on the other side, he told CBS Mornings that it was still a life altering event: "It was the first time in my life I had evaluated my own mortality, one, but then a lot of other people's mortality too." It took the "Chief" months to recover from the blood clot surgery, and when he was finally able to get back to playing music in front of large crowds, tragedy struck there too. Church's first show back was in September of 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eric played on one of the earlier days of the event, which later became the site of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. It was at that festival where a lone gunmen opened fire from a Las Vegas high rise, killing 59 people and injuring over 500. Church was obviously shaken to his core from that as well: "I watched people that night hold up boots and sing at the top of their lungs, and then two days later, it was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. I had a lot of fans that had stayed over for… Read More

Massive Crocodile Chases Down Gazelle In The Water, Swallows It Whole

Nature can be a beautiful place, and nature can be a terrifying place. This video is one of those instances where it's not so pretty. Though one creature was able to have a filling dinner, another wild animal was unfortunately what was being served for the meal. And it was being served alive, which makes it 100 times worse. I hate to speculate, but this might be the world's largest crocodile. It absolutely dwarfed the herd of gazelles that were running through the water. They should have looked for an alternate route across the river, because deciding to cross at that point ended up costing one of the gazelles its life. The group ran down the bank and into the water, and as soon as they did, a crocodile could be seen honing in on the group. With that many gazelles sloshing through the water, the croc didn't have to be selective, and it certainly didn't have to be accurate in its attack. That's why the crocodile, which can swim at a speed of over 20 miles per hour in the water, had no problem catching up to the struggling gazelles. Once it got close enough, the large scaly creature simply chose one from the pack and went to work. And when I say "went to work," the croc didn't waste any time. It mercilessly snapped its jaws down on one of the gazelles, and didn't even bother to put it out of its misery. A crocodile can bite down with 3,700 pounds per square inch of force, so it easily could have turned the lights out on the gazelle. Instead, it took a couple of soft bites to get it bunched together (as horrific as that sounds) and then swallowed the whole thing while it was still alive. It's… Read More

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